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What your choice at the bar says about your personality

Everything that you do says something about your personality. Where you work, what clothes that you have on today, even what drink you order at the bar says something about you. Everybody knows James Bond ordered a Martini Shaken - it became a part of who he is as a person. Your drink even has the bartender making assumptions on you as a person. Such as :

  • What type of tips that you might leave
  • How long you will be staying
  • Even if you will be a returning customer.

So do you think that you should pick your drink on what you want it to say about yourself or do you think you should pick your drink on what you like to drink? The answer to that question is for you to decide and there is no wrong or right answer to the question. If you are wondering what your drink says about you watch the video here in the article. Enjoy your choice of drink and drink safe.

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