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What you will hear and won't hear in the State of the Union

Gee, what on the Comedy Channel tonight?
Gee, what on the Comedy Channel tonight?
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What you will and will not hear in tonight’s Sate of the Union speech by President Obama:

What you will not hear –

Benghazi and the cover-up

Solyndra and the $500 million dollars of taxpayers money wasted

The IRS scandal and the lack of any prosecution’s I the case

Fast and Furious and the death of af a DNA agent because of the operation

The bungled foreign affairs problems beginning with Israel (an American ally) and ending with total distrust among allies in Saudi Arabia to Qatar

Massive unemployment

Severe regulations damaging our energy policy

The Keystone Pipeline invaluable to providing thousands of American jobs

The massive debt

What you will hear –

Food Stamps

Redistribution of wealth

Victims of a mean society

“War on Women”

Republicans unwilling to be bi-partisan

Photos of victims in the gallery

Gladiolus promises after five years of a stagnant economy

Zero on Obamacare fiasco

Young black employment at an all-time high

Stay tuned, and have your air bag readily available

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