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What you were created to be

            The things that make up who we are, are more than cells and blood, skin and such.  Though it does have some very needed elements to get us where we are today.  The very keen aspect of the body is that it is not your own.  At the very end of your life you can not ascertain what would happen with it.  Let alone observe whether your body is in the right place, at some point in time when that destination is reached.

Your body has a soul.  It has always yearned to do something.  Something that would excite you, cause you joy, and expel the "I'm too mature for that nature."  What is it that you have wanted to be capable of doing? Is it in the area of business, sports or, is it to help the poor or even make kids delighted to have you around?

What ever the case may be, the one priority to make you who you are is the peace and positivity that no one else can tell you when and how it's needed.  People may encourage you but you can only figure out the "now" of the present and ways that make you happy.  The happiness that fills your soul may not be the same for everyone.  But let it be known, not everything is good for you also.  Use the healthy, use the sane ablilities that will stretch you to healthy and sane methods toward proper conduct.