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What you need to know about the new Facebook privacy settings

Privacy settings for Facebook: Are you up to date?
Privacy settings for Facebook: Are you up to date?
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Facebook rolls out its latest update, with the focus this time on its privacy settings page. As users have often complained about the complexity of the settings feature on the popular social media network, the update that happened Tuesday is a response. It is a way to explain more clearly than previously how to modify or limit whom a particular post is shared with.

When a user now logs into Facebook, a small blue animated dinosaur will pop up on the screen if the user hasn’t opened the privacy settings page for a while. The box will only pop up one time, rather than with each log in this week. It is a friendly reminder to check to the user to double check that his or her posts are being shared with the intended audience.

Specifically, the update page asks, “Who do you want to share this post with?” The options are to share the post with Facebook friends, the public or select the choice of “more options.” Clicking the button of choice on this pop-up box, the Facebook user can tweak whom he or she shares the posts with by default. That way, the person who does not want to share posts publicly does not inadvertently do so.

For users who share a relatively large number of posts, this reminder box may also pop up on their Facebook screen at the next log in. Again, it is simply a double-checking feature for the settings page. The content that is often shared on the platform are photos, articles, videos and status updates.

Another update to the privacy settings is a question that appears on the screen when a user posts something as public. At this point, Facebook will ask the user if they intentionally want to share the content publicly. This feature helps prevent someone from mistakenly sharing something publicly that he or she intended to share only with network friends.

The tweaks to the privacy settings are the latest update for the popular social media network. Its last recent modification was to the way that the news feed looks. These updates are rolling out as Facebook celebrates its 10th year running and is one of the top used social media networks in the world.

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