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What you need for stormy weather

Here in Colorado, we have definitely had our share of torrential weather and today is the first of our severe summer storms. Let's begin with some very essential items, though not in an order of importance as they are all important.

First: Gallons and tubs of water, in case of flooding or tornadoes, you have fresh water

Second: Granola bars, canned foods, if there is also a power outage

Third: Weather radio, extra batteries, car charger, weather app to notify you of severe storms

Fourth: Umbrella, rain coat and very important rain boots that are about knee high, very important to stay dry

Fifth: Green use of rain barrels to use to water your flowers after you have collected rain, offset water cost and it's all yours

Most important, stay safe and be pro-active about weather awareness, be alert and try to stay up-to-date with changes in the weather. If you can get access to a land line phone, that may be your only way to communicate if power is lost and if cell phone service is down. Have emergency contact information ready and available and have a plan ready for your whole family if you should become separated when a weather event occurs.

Let's all stay safe Colorado and prepare together.

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