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What you need for a successful CM/CRM implementation - part 2

This is the second in a series of articles that focus on a successful Contact Management or CRM implementation.

What happened to a lot of folks who went from ACT! version 6 to ACT! 2005 and newer is that they upgraded the software with no commensurate upgrade in their hardware. The new generation of ACT!, as well as other database-oriented applications, now requires a lot more horsepower and Sage (the maker of ACT!) states the hardware requirements on the side of the retail box as well as on their website. It’s a simple oversight – but a potentially dangerous one. The new versions of ACT! simply won’t run well – or not at all – on old hardware. Make sure that each workstation and server has a fast processor, copious amounts for disk space and plenty of RAM. This, of course should be communicated clearly by the consulting firm doing the implementation.

Nothing will kill of the implementation of a new app faster than a slow-running program. It kills productivity, morale and acceptance.


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