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What you can do about Roundup in your diet

Round Up is appearing in everything. In a recent study, 75% of the air and rain samples in Mississippi contained the main active ingredient glyphosate. It is now the number one pesticide used in the US. Although it is used in many applications, including by governments for roadside weed control, its main use is as a companion to GMO crops (genetically modified to be "Roundup ready"). GMO crops are themselves toxic, both to humans and to nature, but Roundup makes it worse. Roundup has been linked to the slow degradation of various systems (gastrointestinal, vision, respiratory, circulatory), as well as cancer and diabetes. It acts slowly, mostly by causing inflammation, so it is difficult to study its effects. However, it has been shown to damage DNA at concentrations of about 0.2% of that routinely used on farms. (a health website) and Dr. Bronner's (a brand of natural toiletries and soaps) have offered to match donations to Organic Consumers Association up to $200,000. Of course, this pales in comparison to the millions donated by large corporations to fight labeling laws for GMO's. Some of the companies are ones who have long contributed to the synthetic ingredients in the food supply. It is no surprise that Coca Cola and Pepsi don't want labeling laws, but how many people know that Honest Tea is owned by Coca Cola and Naked is owned by Pepsi and Muir Glen, Larabar, and Cascadian Farms are owned by General Mills and that all of these companies would like the freedom to use GMOs in your food and not tell you?

The matching funds campaign ends March 31, so if you want to double what you contribute to the several hundred thousand dollar effort to counter the $10,000,000 effort by those who want the freedom to use GMO foods contaminated with Roundup without telling you so, please contribute to the Organic Consumers Association by March 31. (

The saddest part of all is that labeling is still only the tip of the iceberg. We need GMOs and Roundup to be banned altogether. An increasing number of European and Asian countries have banned the use of Roundup and GMOs. Hurray for them!

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