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'What You Always Wanted' from Daena Jay

We love Daena Jay's new EP “Subdivision”. Just when we thought we heard all the lovely tracks, she released a live version of “What You Always Wanted” on Youtube. It's not live in the traditional sense of a concert, but simplified in what looks like a studio with a view of L.A. The music video seems like an intimate look at a private performance. The difference changes the entire mood. The live version loses the upbeat tone, has less synthesizer and sound effects. However, the vocals are more soulful as a result. Although more morose, it's more beautiful when isolated to a near a cappella state. Her voice is simply ethereal and deep.

Daena Jay admits that “What You Always Wanted” is “about the restlessness of love and relationships and what we really want” in her interview with Izzy Ciyak of High Voltage Magazine. She sings “I reach out my hand, you don't take it. But, however long the night, the day will come. Day will come. I'm certain of it.” Although her tone seems melancholic, she remains positive.

Whether intentional or not, we enjoyed the equipment close-ups during the video. They remind us that normal is just a setting on an amp. Keep the music flowing and don't be afraid to keep it genuine.

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