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What yearly franchise installments have taught Activision

With yearly updates to the “Call of Duty” series, another “Skylanders” game on the way and a host of other titles, Activision games has continued to meet rigorous demand from its consumers.

What yearly franchise installments have taught Activision
Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Activision

With a myriad of other first-person shooters to combat eyes from “Call of Duty” and the new war between “Skylanders” and “Disney Infinity,” Activision CEO Eric Hirschberg told Examiner the daily demand makes for a continual learning process.

“If there was one thing I would say we’ve learned is that people really do invest deeply in the worlds and the characters they love,” Hirschberg told Examiner in an exclusive interview. “Across all forms of entertainment right now, I think that’s why you see so many franchises. It doesn’t matter which medium you look at right now, whether it’s publishing books or movies, there are these long-standing characters and franchises that stand the test of time.”

With the growing popularity of “Skylanders” and the continued and consistent popularity of “Call of Duty,” Hirschberg said the growth process has to be a never-ending one, otherwise the market will look somewhere else.

“As long as you keep the worlds constantly evolving, interesting, vast and worth returning to, people have a healthy appetite for that kind of relationship with entertainment,“ Hirschberg added.

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