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What would you give up in order to double your paycheck?

Employees were asked what they would give up in exchange for doubling their pay.
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An interesting survey taken by World at Work of Scottsdale, Arizona, asked 2,069 employed adults with they would be willing to give up in order to receive a 50% pay raise. Responses included both work benefits and personal life related opinions.

Topping the list was having evenings off work. More than half, 54%, were willing to work in the evening in order to receive their 50% pay raise. This response could vary depending on how much of the evening they were asked to work. Obviously working five nights a week until nine or 10 o’clock would be less favorable than having to work only until 8 o’clock once or twice a week.

A personal item came in second at 45%. It was time with friends. Employees normally have time with their friends on evenings and weekends so this could be this same people said they would give up their evenings off minus the 9% that either she has a friends only on weekends or has no friends at all.

Here are the top seven responses:

  1. Evenings off work – 54%
  2. Time with friends – 45%
  3. A favorite hobby – 43%
  4. Total vacation time – 35%
  5. A significant amount of nightly sleep – 33%
  6. Time with their spouse/partner – 20%
  7. Time with their children – 11%

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