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What would climate change without politics look like?

No sooner had the White House doomsday report on climate change been released and the media had frantically sensationalized it ("No one will be spared" – NBC News) than the left said We Told You So and the right said It's All Lies.

Bureaucrat and Obama Science Advisor Dr. John Holdren admits that the latest climate change data will be used in Obama's Climate Action Plan "at federal, state and local levels." That's politics, not science.
The White House/YouTube

The climate change nee global warming that everyone in America reads about, hears about and is told about is the political version of climate change.

The proof is in the pudding and the pudding is political. Politics cannot control the climate; politics exists expressly to control people.

Therefore climate change MUST be caused by people; else there is nothing for the political power elites to control.

There's no secret that the division between believers and deniers breaks down almost exclusively along the lines of political philosophy. Why is that? Why does virtually every political-left person in America believe in human-caused warming while nearly every political-right person rejects it?

Look at the solution the political left offers us as a means of combating anthropomorphic climate change: more direct government hands-on regulation of our lives, more laws, more control, more bureaucratic and political power, massively more extractions of our incomes, more loss of our individual choices and our freedoms and our property.

It just seems like an incredible coincidence that the "solution" to the "scientific fact" of human-caused climate change just happens to perfectly coincide with the coercively collectivist elitist-controlled social and cultural philosophy of the political left.

But consider what would happen if libertarians pointed out a little fact of history.

Nearly every great human achievement, in knowledge, technology, architecture, medicine, the arts, has been the result of free individuals working alone or in voluntary concert in a culture of free enquiry and free action.

If the climate change we're told about is real and therefore needs a real solution history tells us how to go about finding it: Unleash the imagination and creativity of every human being by abolishing coercion, intimidation and fraud – the prime movers behind politicized climate change – and let everyone seek solutions everywhere. Knowledge is diffused throughout society, not monopolized by the minds of a superior elitist few.

But then the left would reject climate change because it would not serve its predetermined agenda.

Don't, however, expect the right to adopt the libertarian's position either. They have their own power agenda. The right would likely demand, control, rules, regulations and other coercive political muscle under the guise of funding all those "best and brightest" individuals, thereby destroying the very concept that they claim to believe.

Then left and right would flip-flop their positions on climate change. Or, if there's no political power to be gained from it, ignore it completely

We will never know the truth about climate change unless and until we expunge all of the power, profit and politics from it and free the actual science.

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