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What Would Be The Results Of Testing If Schools Openly Discussed The Opt Out?

If schools openly discussed parental rights and opting out of Common Core Testing, what would be the impact on testing? In NYC, 3 schools had a 70% opt out rate. The statistic is stunning. It's hard to imagine in Upstate NY. Our schools have incorporated the culture that testing is required and opt outs are highly discouraged. Schools have carefully implied that testing is mandatory. If a parent objects, they can be marginalized as a "trouble maker."

Maybe the lesson from NYC is, when parents demand that schools behave democratically, school boards will discuss learning standards that are more beneficial to student achievement. When parents demand that the truth about standardized testing is discussed as a community, change can happen. A powerful lesson can be learned by parental control and testing. Parents have the right to opt out, and should make an informed decision without the influence of the district impacting their decision.

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