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What Women Need to Know About Men's Genital Annatomy!

Male Anatomy … Pleasure spots and what turns him on.

The male also has numerous erogenous zones on his body, but his main focus of sexual pleasure is in the immediate area of his penis. Learn the territory. Experiment with each other to find the greatest pleasure spots and how best to tease, taunt and exploit them. Different folks like different strokes and try to learn all the right moves. Fondle and watch the body language and listen to the sounds of your partner’s pleasure. You’ll both love it!
Foreplay, if you haven’t already learned it, is not only an appetizer leading to intercourse; it is an entrée itself. Look upon foreplay as the main meal and intercourse as the desert. When you learn to have multiple orgasms, for those who’ve not yet come upon this skill, you’ll be able to have numerous orgasms during foreplay and the final ejaculation for desert. There may be times when you’ll be so satisfied with the foreplay, you may decide to skip desert. But don’t diet too often!
We’ll discuss all the wonderful things you can do with and to each other in later chapters. Now learn as much as you can about yours and your partners body. What the parts are, which parts are most sensitive to pleasuring and how best to deliver pleasure to these parts. Experiment with each other and communicate … communicate … communicate! Don’t be secretive. Don’t make your partner be a mind reader. Be specific. Practice makes perfect … and best of all this practice should be lots of fun.
Let’s explore the hot spots on male partners.
Males often have hot spots like their nipples, their ears, back of their neck, inner thighs … in that respect their not too different than women. The best way to find them is to explore, or just ask.
When it comes to the penis and the genitals men aren’t that different either. Treat the penis as you would a clitoris, it’s just bigger and easier to handle. Be couscous around the scrotum and testacies, that is a sensitive area … erotic to be sure, but pleasure easily turned to pain if roughly handled.

Most sensitive is the head or glans penis, the same as the glans clitoris, and the underside of the shaft of the penis. Fondling of the scrotum can also be very stimulating but must be done with caution as any pressure on the testacies can be quite painful. The cross section of the penis shows the Corpora Cavernosa, which when filled with blood cause the penis to erect. Erection is brought about when the blood flow into the penis through the Dorsal Artery is greater than the outflow through the Dorsal Veins.
The brain is actually the largest, and most important sex organ!

The genitals don’t hold a candle to the brain when it comes to love and sexuality. You might feel your horniness in the genital area, but it is the brain that turns it all on. Who is attractive to you, how you react to the feelings you get from your attraction, how your attraction reacts to you and what you both do about it … all this is mutual brain work. The brain is what makes you kind, playful, romantic, enthusiastic, considerate, committed, and loving to your partner. If dysfunctional it leads you into impulsive behavior, distraction, unfaithfulness, hatefulness, anger, ruining your chances for real intimacy and a loving relationship. Fortunately the brain in most cases is a trainable sex organ, and most sexual dysfunctions are thus correctable with changes in attitudes, training, and practice.

From: "Fifty Shades Hotter Guide to YOUR SEXUAL ECSTECY!" by Othniel Seiden, MD & Jane L. Bilett, PhD - Clinical Psychologist - Amazon Kindle

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