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What will Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift be dressed up as this Halloween?


Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift are getting ready for Halloween.  And while one already knows what she'll be dressing up for this year, the other has yet to decide.

According to posts on (before she decided to leave the internet networking website) Miley Cyrus tweeted back and forth with fellow singer/actress and Disney alum Ashley Tisdale about Halloween costumes.

Cyrus sent the tweet:  "Who are you gonna be for halloween?" She went on to offer up what her costume would be:  "I'm Pocahontas and John Smith has yet to be cast ;)."

Tisdale's response?  "Alice in wonderland! Haha."

Taylor Swift, on the other hand, is still undecided.  She's dropped hints that she might costume up as one of her best buds - country music singer Kellie Pickler.

When asked her all time favorite Halloween costume, Swift told reporters that she once dressed up for Halloween in a full Chewbacca outfit!  She added that while all the other girls were dressed up in "girlie costumes" she had much more fun dressing up as her favorite Wookie from the Star Wars films. 

Photo credit:  Cindy Arnold


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