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What will it take for the essence of people to change?

I know man has always been brutal and violent towards others. I know man has also been cruel and abusive towards the planet using and abusing it in all kinds of ways. But past actions and behaviors do not justify continued impulsive and immature ways of living and behaving.

So what will it take for mankind to stop polluting the planet? What will it take for mankind to stop abusing each other in vile and derogatory ways? What will it take for mankind to WAKE UP to our spiritual natures? What will it take for the meek to inherit the earth?

Do we have to destroy the planet in order to feel entitled? Do we have to have nuclear war in order to feel vindicated? Why do people act like a virus to each other and this planet? Are we all flawed internally so much that we cannot find the decency within our heart and soul to treat ourselves and each other with more respect?

Giving into our violent nature, our violent instincts, is the ultimate break down of logic and reason. It is the ultimate example of our impulses and emotions running amok. It should disgust us, but no end seems to be in site.

Why are so many so deceptive? At times I feel like I am one of the few who actually paid attention in religion class. I know this is not true but so many out there claim to be something they are not. Don’t sit there and claim you are all into God and religion and then go stab others in the back-either literally or figuratively. Don’t fake faith because you are only fooling yourself.

Man can be so full of himself that it is just ridiculous. Sorry to say this but we are not the end all be all of life and creation. We are NOT meant to destroy the eco systems as we are doing. We are NOT meant to constantly be at war for centuries over old differences. But we are and it’s so sad. It should make us all sick to our stomachs. It should make us all want to burst out of our skin and demand and implement change. But things keep going on as they always have with no end or deep seated change in site.

Oh wait a minute; I know what is wrong here. The steps to change that I am talking about are the ones each one of us must undertake internally. When most look for answers on the outside. Most point the finger of blame and responsibility towards others and can not or will not take responsibility for their own actions.

Maybe it’s the bubbles of our egos that each of us live in that isolates us from the internal spiritual path that we each should be walking. Imagine if we all walked the path in unison, the billions of us, how different this world would be. Oh I know this is great fiction.

Then there are the endless excuses for the irrational and immature ways the world is run. All these cries of free will and what not cause my stomach to tighten. I know it’s all about being tough and masculine and an eye for an eye and all the junk. Excuses for poor irrational behavior, the truth twisted to fit our selfish needs. Rubbish. Greed and waste put dark curtains over our souls, helping us to forget that we are all this together but have been resorted to be against each other because of fear and ignorance.

Just imagine how different the world would look and feel if we could put aside our selfish ways? Just imagine if the world all WOKE UP at once? Now that is a world I would want to live in. That is a world where we all take care of each other, where there was a balance of resources, of wealth, of power. Wow, what a dream I know. But it is a dream I hope to wake up one day and find to be reality.


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