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What will I do waiting for the ice to break?

Winter in the north woods
Winter in the north woods
Brad Putney, True North Photography 2009

The spring of 2012 is setting up to create one of the earliest ice-free dates in history. And the closer that day gets the more difficult it is to sit idly by and wait. Here are a few things you can do to bide the time as the ice gets closer and closer to sinking.

7. Buy your airline tickets for Tampa to go cheer on the Gopher men’s hockey team as they make another run at the NCAA title.

6. Head to Canal Park in Duluth to watch and dream as the big boats leave on their early season runs.

5. Watch “A River Runs Through It” one more time and perfect your shadow casting on the front lawn.

4. Spread out maps on the dining room table and plan your 2012 trip.

3. Build a fort out of old boating magazines and catalogues.

2. Clean and oil the wooden gunwhales on your canoe.

1. Set the docks up on the ice, the ice melts, and they drop straight down ready to go for summer.

Hang in there, and think of this as your early April fool’s prank. The ice can’t last forever.


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