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What we want for our pets

We each love our pets and take especially good care of them. During their life we teach them, play with them, cry with them, make sure they are not ill, and when ill we make sure they get the proper attention. So what to do when the reality is they will get no better or even get worse. What can we do to honor our pets in a dignified and special way?

This acknowledgement is more for us than for them. We all know this; however we also know they have brought us a love unequalled. Today we have so many ways to acknowledge our Best Friend. There are cemeteries especially for our BFF; there are memorials where we can let the world know how special they were. So how do we decide?
Each of us will acknowledge our BFF in a way that resonates with us. If our pet could help us figure out the most appropriate way we all know they would. However we be the one in charge of this portion of meet our needs. Living with pets is a very strong role in our lives and meeting a proper and acceptable honor is difficult. Some will make a donation in the pets name to the local Humane Society, some will bury this beloved pet in a special cemetery and still some will have an obituary printed in a local paper; this link will provide more information of ways to honor our pets
No matter the path we chose to recognize and honor our BFF, it will be the right way for that special pet. And this will help us find closure which our pet would give us if it was possible.

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