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What we now know about Benghazi demands action

Americans still seek answers concerning the Benghazi massacre.
Americans still seek answers concerning the Benghazi massacre.
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Several disclosures over the past few days underscore the fact that what we now know about the Benghazi massacre demands action on the part of Congress. An egregious breach of protocol, ethics, and trust has occurred that is too vital to be ignored.

What do we know so far about Benghazi? While it is clear we do not know the whole story despite repeated attempts to get such information from the Obama administration, the facts that we do know point to a disturbing pattern of hiding the truth, manipulating data, and outright lying for political gain.

Emails released by Judicial Watch this week leave no room for doubt concerning the charge that the White House was directly involved in deliberately deceiving the public when it sent former U.N. ambassador Susan Rice out to make her rounds on all of the major Sunday morning news talk shows. Judicial Watch was forced to bring a lawsuit to get this information according to the terms of the Freedom of Information Act. The White House had previously refused to release the information.

When the contents of the emails were released it became all too clear as to why the White House wanted to keep them secret. Rice's role on that Sunday after the massacre was to do nothing more than completely overshadow any suggestion that al Qaeda-connected terrorism was the source of the attack by focusing solely on an obscure anti-Islamic film that had been released online. The material released to Judicial Watch also includes the talking points the White House gave to Rice to use on the news talk shows. The talking points delete all references to terrorism and blames the massacre exclusively on the film and "spontaneous protests that went awry."

The "spontaneous protest" and anti-Islamic film meme continued for weeks afterward, with Barack Obama himself blaming the film for the attacks at a speech at the United Nations. Hillary Clinton further aided the cover up by doing the same thing, despite information obtained by her own State Department showing that terrorism was the source of the massacre. And while the CIA director did not directly blame the attack on the film, he failed to adequately emphasize the information his own agents had known since the night of the attack -- that al Qaeda connected terrorist groups in the region perpetrated the massacre, totally independent of the film. Indeed, CIA agents specifically noted that the film played no role whatsoever in the attack and that there had been absolutely no protests outside the consulate that day or evening.

Thus, just weeks prior to the 2012 presidential election, a series of lies born and bred by political advisors in the White House and disseminated by Rice, Obama, Hillary, and others misled the public into believing that the Obama foreign policy had crushed al Qaeda entirely by blaming the massacre on a film rather than terrorist groups with direct connections to al Qaeda. The fact that the Obama team would go to such lengths, using the top agencies of the federal government to perpetrate a lie for purely political reasons, is one of the most despicable acts of breaching the public trust that has ever occurred in the entire history of the nation.

One could even make a case that Obama was elected on false pretenses, just as it has now been shown conclusively that he and his allies in the Democrat Party approved the Obamacare program on false pretenses. The number of times false pretenses have come up in discussions about the manner in which this administration does business is profoundly disturbing. How can such people avoid losing the moral and ethical authority to govern? To many Americans, the Obama administration lost that moral and ethical authority long ago.

But more importantly, how can a just and ethical nation fail to see to it that such crimes are punished? The House should begin by drawing up the articles of impeachment. The electorate needs to so pressure Harry Reid and Senate Democrats that they are forced to remove Obama from office, or else. And several top administration officials and former officials need to be held in criminal contempt and arrested, pending a trial. Among those are Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, and even Leon Panetta.

When lying to Congress involves obstructing investigations into criminal behavior and even murder, then criminal contempt should be the consequence, which carries certain legal ramifications the very least of which is being charged and tried in a court of law for criminal behavior.

The rule of law demands it. And it appears as if nothing but criminal trials in a court of law will get to the rest of the truth about this horrific attack on an American consulate.

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