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What We Leave Behind

Devotion determines the pivoting soul’s point of a man’s life. Undying
devotion to a cause, principle, person, belief, institution, makes
little difference. What does matter remains as the embodiment of a
revolving door which all other choices are formed and swung. Not unlike someone who is devoutly committed to spiritual life; individualism, a distinctively recognized independence, expressed as personal expression is paramount.

Commitment requires a certain intensity which fuels the driving
mechanism of the personality. The individual must be convinced that
what he/she is doing makes a difference. To be fully committed,
understandably, issues a discerning abandon. In other words, one makes
the definitive marked decision to discriminate upon matters that are
important and those that are not. It all boils down to verifiable

Choices! Life is filled with many differentiated choices. We appear to
make some of them; others are distinctly made for us. But, unless an
underlying passion inspired dedication envelops the ones that are in
our control, our lives result in a bland of watery meatless/vegetable-less soup. No one wants to live without passion. No one desires to merely drift by without the fire of thought provoking challenging meaning.

We need to believe that what we do matters; that we are contributing
something of value for mankind. IF we make the right choices, we may
just be fortunate enough to realize our committed zeal actualized
before we exit. What does it mean to make the RIGHT choices, exactly?
It means to be unabatedly attuned to the spirit of truth that resides
and resonates in us!

We must not be swayed, influenced or deterred in our ‘personal march’
for artistic freedom. Freedom to express what innately drives us! So
many times, we lose our direction, impulsion and ‘will’ to carry on
simply because we allow the opinions of someone else, who does not
possess the vision, which renders him incapable of believing it to be
worthwhile or meaningful, to influence us.

Then, what do we have? A life full of embittered, resentful unrealized
potential backed up in us (like a clogged drain) whose effects cause us to be either physically ill, mentally depressed, sexually inhibited, spiritually subdued, (nothing worse than watered down, camouflaged lack luster religion) and/or financially decapitated. Bottom line: without passion, we simply wither and die a slow agonizing uninspired non-sensual manifesting life. We become uncreative-fashioned cardboard; without energy, stimulation and artistic sexual impetus drifting through life from day to day ’just getting by’.

Human beings are intended to create. We are instilled with the ‘natural and convenient’ artistic impetus to produce. We can’t and won’t build anything of personal value unless we are devoutly devoted to it and its underlying principles. An unshakable conviction to the principles of our passion sustains our creations. Where do inspiring creations evolve from?

Out of chaos; in the midst of the whirlwind of experiences that neither make sense, implicate success/guarantees, or offer generating comfort while in pursuit. Yes. Because the obvious slated creation hides itself, masked in every conceivable, disassociated, discernible event, we never know, for certain, what can be dismissed, destroyed or denied without the incurable commitment to ‘following without fail’ the still small voice from within that guides, directs and ascertains relevance.

At times, unpreventable break-up may ensue, or unpleasant episodes
which can’t be explained, (no matter how hard we try to define their
significance), which from ‘eyes of expectation, explanation or
fascination’, will seem to drive us off course, certainly placing us in the wrong avenue of understanding, or appearing as if we are out of
order, somehow. But, we must persevere with undaunted conviction, if we are to continue to feel sacred unblemished pulsating passion.

Our original passion remains in us no matter the fiery trials and
tribulations we are exposed to. Our unstated commission is to attune
ourselves to “our first cause” without resentment, bitterness, and
remorse. Whatever we have to go through is all part of the mysteriously miraculous journey. So what do we care how much or how often we are subjected to sundry emotional affairs attached to diverging occurrences?

We must press on! Forget about it. “It meant what it meant; it did what it did”. What has that got to do with us, now? Our initial devotion remains in us. IF and When the fire of devotion goes out, passion is gone. We can’t get it back. It (whatever we were engaged in that distracted us for a season) has moved on carrying the temporary
diversion with it. We will immediately return to first love of
irreplaceable devotion. It can’t touch the untouchable devotion that
sustains, exalts and redeems us. We won’t have to ask anyone whether or not we’re doing what we should be doing. We’ll KNOW.

What happens, now, in this moment is the only thing that truly matters. Life alters us each second we’re alive. That’s passion! Devotional passion is what maintains us. The outcomes of this unversed continually surprise us! No, we can’t prepare ourselves for it. There’s absolutely no reason to. Why would we? Active choosing is always more important than the choice.

We are forever presented with various choices from which the pattern of our lives will be constructed. Each choice is linked to another, then another and then another weaving the intricately unbelievable hallowed rug of existence.

We inevitably leave behind what remains with us. They permeate our
being and can no more be devalued or diminished than what is ever
present. Neither can the things, people, relationships, be exalted and
carried with more favor than is needful and purposeful at the time. We
are that which we leave behind, meet and experience on so many
different levels. We shall never fully comprehend the innovative
devotion that drives us. We may assign different meanings but they in
no way represent the full esoteric value contained. So much more is
hidden than will ever be revealed for our egoist basking.

Our indescribable passion for living breeds multiples of joyous pearls
of sacred sensual sexual artistic expression. We never need to try to
cheat, compete, compare or contradict their intrinsic converting power. Once we begin to believe we can hold onto the unsurpassed delight attached, it will transform into its direct opposite.

As ambiguous as this may sound, “Don’t ever be afraid to lose what
means the most to you”. It’s impossible. The inexplicable sanctified
soul’s choice feels really awkward, at times; this is a clear
indication that one more vital decision has been cosmically confirmed.

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