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What we learned from the 'Survivor: Cagayan' Live Reunion Show

The Final Four of "Survivor: Cagayan."
The Final Four of "Survivor: Cagayan."
Photo courtesy of Monty Brinton/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

Following Wednesday night's two-hour "Survivor: Cagayan" Finale on CBS, we were treated - per norm - to the Live Reunion Show hosted by Jeff Probst. Here is the full recap of the Finale in case you missed it and be warned: Spoilers to follow!

OK! So Season 28 is now in the books. This Finale was a bit different than in year's past, treated as more of an "event" with live segments with Jeff Probst cut within the two-hour episode. By the time we were joined live for the reading of the votes and the announcement of the Sole Survivor, it was actually well past the two hour mark, making for a shorter-than-normal Reunion Show as well.

As always, there were some hit and misses during the Live Reunion Show, with Jeff soaking up valuable time discussing things that nobody cares about. But the good, bad or ugly, here were the highlights from the Live Show:

Tony Wins! Yes Tony Vlachos was voted the winner of "Survivor: Cagayan" in an 8-1 vote over Woo. Just as his wife missed out on the loved ones visit in the game, Marissa was also absent from this incredible moment in Tony's life. But she had more than a good reason: She is super-pregnant with their second child. Congrats to Tony and Marissa in more ways than one!

All Things Tony. Unbelievably to me, Tony has a lot of haters out there, a fact that he verified when he said he was getting a lot of social media (Twitter) hate. He also talked about the toll the game had taken on him, that he had actually lost 45 pounds (not 21 as shown in the Finale) and was out of work for three months following the show, with parasites in his stomach. He also confirmed that he and Trish have a great relationship now outside of the game. At one point, Jeff asked him to speak llama to Kass and Tony obliged. He of course was eventually presented with the million dollar check.

Blue Blood Turned Cold. Although things are hunky-dory between Tony and Trish, his relationship with fellow cop Sarah seems to have taken a turn for the worse. Even though Sarah voted for Tony to win, Sarah revealed that after her round of press interviews following her exit from the show, she and Tony had a falling out and that he "showed his true colors." Annoyingly, Jeff Probst spent way too much time on the whole Sarah/Tony "Cops-R-Us" alliance and falling out, even going so far as to interview a New Jersey cop in the audience who said that Tony made them all proud. So many other pressing things to discuss! Why did this go on for what seemed like countless minutes???

Woo's Decision. Asking the jury members who they would have voted for between Kass and Woo, Probst confirmed for us that Woo would have won unanimously. Ouch. Woo seems at peace with his decision though, returning to his whole mantra about honor, integrity and wanting to take on the best of the best.

Probst Apologizes. Probst gives cast assessments every season, but he's rarely been as far off on a player than he was this season with Spencer, claiming that he had "zero chance" of winning the game. Probst offered a public apology and even made good on a bet he had with Spencer that he would write him a letter should Spencer prove him wrong. He gave Spencer a sealed envelope with the note in it, but it was never revealed to us what it contained. Bummer. They refer to Spencer's game as a "Charlie Brown Game," where he kept trying to kick the ball and it kept being whisked away. Spencer though, took all responsibility when it came to his game.

Tyler Perry. Credited with the idea of the "Special Idol" this season, Tyler Perry was on hand and was interviewed by Probst. The Idol was not so much a new idea to the game, but Perry had suggested that they introduce it late in the game and then give no clues to it...just the mere suggestion that it existed may create interesting outcomes, which it indeed did. It sounds like Perry wasn't all that pleased that Tony was the one who found it.

Face Time. Hey, at least the entire cast got to sit on the stage this year. But going a step further than in recent seasons, Probst tried to make a sweep through all of the guests to check in with them. He chatted briefly with Cliff, David, Garrett, Morgan, J'Tia and LJ. Sadly, we did not get to here a peep from Brice, Alexis, Jeremiah, Jefra or Lindsey.

Season 29 of Survivor! As is custom, the end of the Live Reunion Show featured a sneak-peek of the upcoming season of Survivor. Season 29 will air in the Fall of 2014 and the video preview began with quotes from several press members (sadly none of which were raving about last Fall's "Blood vs. Water" season. So Survivor 29 will officially be "Blood vs. Water" part two, officially called "Survivor: San Juan Del Sur," and rumored to be a BvsW season featuring all-new players.

So that's that! There is still more to come, as we are not quite done with our coverage of "Survivor: Cagayan." Join me tomorrow for my exclusive interviews with Spencer, Kass, Woo and this season's Sole Survivor, Tony. Then by Friday we'll have the updated rankings for this season and where Tony fits in on the all-time winners list. See you then!

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