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What VC's Want...

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"It's important to know who and where investor money is coming from. Outside money wants a 'return on the investment' - bottom-line... and the sooner the better. but if it's investor money. active money. my money... company control over anything else. I've now taken a personal interest in the companies future and need to be able to put the decisions or people in place in the event you can't." -W. Nasserdeen (2009panel)

What Venture Capital Investors want in a Term Sheet

When you pitch your business to Investors be sure to tune your pitch down to just 2 minutes. It may seem impossible to tell your story in only 2 minutes but that's why you have to only tell the main points.

  • Quick description (elaborate a little, but no need to explain how you met your partner in college)
  • Revenue status (real money you are making, not what you expect in 5 years)
  • Customers (x number of paying customers including Ford, GM, etc...)
  • Money raised to date (outside investors OR founders)
  • Money raising now (tell the opportunity to the investor - its a pitch, not a story)

If you cant explain what you do in a short pitch, dont ever expect to get the opportunity to give a longer pitch.

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