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'What up' with the new GOP web-site?


Steele in the virtual heazy!

While watching America’s most trusted news man on a recent episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, a segment was done on the redesign of the GOP web-site. A new addition to this window into the Republican Party is a blog by RNC Chairman Michael Steele, entitled “What up”. Here is a bit of a follow-up.

Despite efforts by the chairman to “keep it on the real up in the field” (as acknowledged by President Obama who publicly given Steele a “shout out”), the name of the blog must have been “too street” for the Grand Old Party. The “player-haters” at web design hastily renamed the blog to “Change the Game” the day following its release. Though not as direct, the new name of Steele’s blog is not expected to have any discernable effect on the content’s “flava”.

The Steele blog is only one part of the new look GOP which is now calling itself the party of ideas. So what are the new ideas on America’s increasingly worrying energy problems? It seems that there are none and the answer that is thirty years old is the one still being given. The answer to every problem that besets our great nation given by Republicans circa 1980 to the present is tax breaks. What will solve America’s energy problems? Tax breaks. How will we create green jobs? Tax breaks. How will we cut pollution? Big old tax breaks.

Tax break, tax breaks and more tax breaks are the answer. If the US just keeps up what George W. Bush did for almost this entire decade everything will be okay. The wealthy should not have to pay more taxes and giant corporations should be given a free hand to do whatever they want. This plan will power the American 21st century.

Why listen to the guy with a Nobel Prize in Economics like Paul Krugman who labeled this the work of the tax cut zombies when you can take your economic advice from Sarah Palin. She can see Russia from her house for god’s sake. What more do you want?

The new GOP web-site is a sad attempt to reach out to the demographics that have shunned the GOP over the last few election cycles. Young people, Hispanics, African-Americans, educated whites, women have all rejected the party because the policies Republicans have enacted have hurt their quality of life. Income inequality is at an all time high and unemployment is nearly 10%. The move to change the web-site without changing any of the failed policies is insincere and will not win back any of the people that have decided to back the Democrats or independent candidates.
With the bad policies of the past still the GOP mantra, the only voters left for the party are the base: the wealthy, the religious right and whites without a college education. This cobbled-together coalition is unable to win now, and demographics are increasingly working against the party.