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What Type of Warranty Can You Expect For Windows Replacement?

One of the larger home-improvement jobs that may be done on your property is replacing the windows. That is why most people who are having this job done are interested in what type of warranty comes with the replacement windows. Although many window services will give you a blanket answer that there is a lifetime warranty on the windows, there is often much more than meets the eye. Here are some of the individual factors that can make a difference in the warranty that is available to you.

One of the first things that you need to determine is who is providing the warranty for you. In some cases, it will be the manufacturer of the windows but in others, it will be the company that is doing the window replacement. It may also be a combination of the two, depending upon the circumstances. Choosing the proper contractor can make a difference in the warranty and the quality of work. Interviewing the contractor, checking references and understanding your payment options can help you to make an overall wise decision.

Any warranty that is put in place by the contractor who replaces the windows should be the first to cover any damages. In most cases, the warranty is not only going to cover the window itself, it is also going to cover the installation of the window. In that way, if there are any difficulties with the installation directly, such as air gaps around the window or if the window does not operate properly because it was not installed properly, the window replacement company will cover it.

If the warranty is being covered by the manufacturer, it will typically be covered for a set number of years. The specific amount of time that is covered by the warranty is going to differ from one company to another. You also need to consider if the warranty is going to pass to any new owner of the home. This is often done on a limited basis, if it is done at all. When it is in place, however, it can help to increase the value of the home by providing a warranty for the window installation to the new owners. Be aware that there may be costs associated with transferring the warranty in some cases. You should look into this possibility before the windows are installed.

Beware of any hidden fees that may be associated with the warranties on replacement windows. Even if the parts are covered under the terms of the warranty, there may still be a service charge associated with the additional repair. This is also something that should be reviewed in advance with the contractor that will be working on your property.

Finally, not all warranties are absolute. There may be a certain amount of time in which the full amount of the replacement costs are going to be covered under the warranty but as time goes on, those costs may be prorated. In most cases, this is an issue that is going to be associated with the manufacturer's warranty. Depending upon the contractor that you used to install the windows, the prorated cost may be defrayed according to the warranty provided by the contractor.

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