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What type of persuasion is coaxing senior management to go vegan?

Vegan supplies are becoming more popular in Sacramento. With Sacramento stores such as the Sacramento Natural Food Co-op, Whole Food Markets, and other similar food and farmers' markets, vegans are starting to flaunt more power in Sacramento, possible because in part from all those studies on the health benefits of plant extracts and antioxidants being done at University of California, Davis. A decade ago even UC Davis did a study on vegan diets. See,Vegan and Meat-Eating Women Sought for Diet - UC Davis News.

What type of persuasion is coaxing senior management to go vegan?
Anne Hart, photography. Salad.

Now vegan is the new powerful rich, at least for some reported in popular mainstream media, but what about the power of vegan women in business? Not as many stories on all those wealthy vegan women as there are on the CEO males. Actually, a growing number of America's most powerful bosses have become vegan.

Watch the documentary, Eating, a documentary film by Mike Anderson, in which director Mike Anderson explains his strict meat- and oil-free diet. Can going vegan make CEOs and their employees healthier? What type of persuasion is coaxing senior management to go vegan? More restaurants catering to CEOs of top corporations are offering vegan-friendly entrees.

Could it be because of a University of San Francisco study on eggs (actually the arachidonic acid in eggs) having a link to possibly increasing prostate cancer risk? Could it be the news about the health benefits of plant extracts from studies at UC Davis? See, "Why Are Eggs Linked to Cancer Progression? |"

Some books tell readers to eat the yolks. Various studies report that egg yolks can clog the carotid arteries, and other studies look at prostate cancer rates and how many eggs are consumed by the individuals in the study.

Powerful vegans in the news

Steve Wynn, Mort Zuckerman, Russell Simmons, and Bill Clinton are now using tempeh to assert their superiority...all males in the news. What are these men's wives eating--vegan also? What about the world's most powerful women--vegan? How many and why? See, Bill Clinton declares vegan victory - USA

Vegan also are Ford Executive Chairman of the Board, Bill Ford (F), Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, venture capitalist Joi Ito, Whole Foods Market (WFMI) Chief Executive Officer John Mackey, and Mike Tyson all now vegan. Alec Baldwin, according to the Business article, also is vegan.

Is vegan the new rich?

Vegan is the new rich, but are women included in the news stories about how powerful vegans are in wealth and business? Are more women in Sacramento becoming vegan or partially vegan after reading the popular Business Week article, "The Rise of the Power Vegans"? If you've heard the phrase, it's news when man bites dog not when dog bites man.

It's news when powerful CEO male goes permanently vegan, since it's common to think of some women as vegans, but powerful women in the news are not often portrayed in the media as vegans, why not? They're there. And they're not always protestors carrying signs for veganism.

Business magazines show the wealthiest CEOs who are vegan

Some even meet mates at vegan associations. But popular business magazines are portraying the wealthiest and most powerful vegan CEOs, and the ones in the news are all male this time around.

Why is it surprising that so many male CEOs are shunning meat, dairy, and eggs? Being vegan is special as an exclusive club. Only 1 percent of the U.S. population is vegan, partly because veganism isn't cheap. The cost comes from the value of organic specialty products made by specialty companies with names such as tofurkey, as you can read about further in the Business Week article.

Vegans also have to be powerful enough to even know what veganism is, but is going vegan for health, intelligence, influence, impact, maintaining youthfulness, entertainment, publicity, or for power and influence on the food industry?

Why is it that women in power are not portrayed in the news as turning vegan to rise through the glass ceiling? After all billionaires such as Martha Stewart don't have all vegan cooking programs like the Veria TV channel offers showing cooking with no dairy, no-eggs, and no meats in some of the cooking shows.

More CEOs are giving up meat, eggs, and dairy, for example, people mentioned in the Business Week article. Not only meat, dairy, and eggs, but some vegan CEOs also are giving up oils as well. Why oils--if the human body was made to digest fat and protein? It's about how a particular oil or fat affects an individual's metabolic and genetic response.

Do people follow CEOs because they're perceived as not only smart but also vegan?

And CEO's, the richest of them are flaunting their vegan ways. Check out the organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The new rich is vegan. More restaurants are becoming vegan-friendly to top CEOs, and the CEOs with all their wealth are not ordering only steak and martinis any more.

A lot of vegans are tasting seitan, which is wheat-meat, not realizing how constipating this gluten food can be once you eat it. Try tempeh (fermented soybeans caked and cut to look like slices of meat) if you can't tolerate wheat gluten. Now the trend is to vote for a vegan Presidential candidate if you can find a vegan candidate who's actually running.

Vegans in politics and medicine

The Ohio representative Kucinich's vegan diet has become known and is growing in popularity, especially among wealthy and powerful CEOs. According to the Business Week article, Representative Robert A. Brady (D-Pa.), the head of the Committee on House Administration, includes vegan options in the congressional cafeteria.

The media has shown a documentary featuring Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Bill Clinton, among others. The documentary is titled, "The Last Heart Attack" featuring the current vegan diet of Bill Clinton. And Clinton emphasized how much weight he lost on a vegan diet. See, Watch it Here: The Last Heart Attack CNN Heart Disease.

Is this diet for women in power as well? You might check out Kucinich's own diet book when the publisher finally settles on a title. There are numerous vegan clubs in Sacramento that women go to for vegan socializing.

Some people even look for a vegan mate when they search for making the greatest decision they'll make in their life....Make that two decisions. First to go vegan and second to find a mate who also is vegan. Also see, What's the Healthiest Diet of All? - But why are there so few women vegans (other than some athletes) portrayed in the news as powerful, rich, and healthy at least in the mainstream media?

And for vegan foods, also check out the cafe and bakery, Sugar Plum Vegan Bakery & Cafe - Vegan Club Sandwich - Sacramento, CA. Or see, "Sacramento Vegan and Vegan Friendly Restaurants - Metro Area."

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