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What type of man are you in a relationship with

Who are you dating?
Sira Anamwong/

What is the difference between confidence and arrogance?

If you look up these two words in the dictionary they couldn't be more different. When it comes to dating one with one personality or the other there is also a big difference. Depending on what a woman likes in a mans personality will determine the type of guy she is attracted to.

An arrogant man is that guy who comes into a room and as a result of something, usually his looks or his status (depending on where he goes everyone knows who he is) all eyes are on him and he knows it. As a result of being known for one reason or another this man has taken the opportunity to use this to his advantage. The arrogant man will treat people as he sees fit. He will disrespect those who allow it and he will not apologize for doing so. When it comes to women why should he have respect when women loose all self control as a result of who he is.

On the other hand there is the confident man. This man has an entirely different vibe.

A confident man can use his looks or his status but he doesn't. He is not looking for attention nor does he want it. Mr. Confidence doesn't need external accolades for validation because he knows who he is. He is also humble.

A confident man understands his blessings and as a result he is grateful. He realizes that at any point what he has can be taken away and he takes nothing for granted. He is true to himself and those around him and he has a good spirit.

When it comes to the woman who is in a relationship with a confident man she will not have to question her relationship with him. He doesn't have to be told what to do and he knows how to treat her. He also has not problems showing his affection for her in more ways than one.

Ladies, if you are in a relationship, what type of guy are you with?

Men, now that you know the difference, what type of guy are you? Do you need to make a change?

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