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What type of college do you want to attend?

Decide on what you want before where you will attend.
Decide on what you want before where you will attend.
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College comes in various packages:

  • Public and private four-year colleges and universities
  • Two year community colleges or junior colleges
  • Vocational or technical schools.

Which one is best for you? It depends on what you want. Some people start at one and go to another - so there isn't one answer - it really is what you think is best for you.

What are four-year colleges and universities? They offer a bachelor's degree in English, history, drama, sciences, etc.

Two-year colleges award associate degrees and some grant certificates so individuals are ready to enter a career. Some individuals start at a two-year college and transfer those credits to a four-year college/university.

Vocational or technical schools provide students with hands-on experience related to a career. Most of these schools offer certificates of completion.

So, what you plan on doing after college will help determine which school to attend. Think about your goals, and then research that type of school.

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