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What Tyler Matzek said right before he was called up by the Colorado Rockies

Tyler Matzek made strides from Tulsa to Colorado Springs before being called up by the Rockies
Tyler Matzek made strides from Tulsa to Colorado Springs before being called up by the Rockies
Paat Kelly/Colorado Springs Sky Sox

During a recent visit to Colorado Springs, I had a chance to sit down with former Tulsa Drillers and current Colorado Springs Sky Sox pitcher Tyler Matzek. After posting an 8-9 record and 3.79 ERA with the Drillers last year, Matzek has logged a 5-4 mark and 4.05 ERA at the Triple-A level (as of games of June 9).

Shortly after this interview, Matzek received his first Major League call-up and is scheduled to face Atlanta in his big-league debut on Wednesday, June 11.

Kevin Henry: How has the transition to Triple-A been for you?

Matzek: It’s been good. I’ve really enjoyed it. The travel is a little bit different but that’s really the only noticeable thing that I’ve seen.

Henry: How about the hitters you’ve faced?

Matzek: Definitely a better quality. Teams have guys who have played in the big leagues and you have to deal with them, along with the talented guys who are on every Triple-A roster.

Henry: What did you work on during the offseason?

Matzek: Definitely my changeup. I’ve really focused on throwing that the last two or three weeks and I’ve been trying to mix it in with my slider.

Henry: There’s a lot of altitude difference between Tulsa and Colorado Springs. Have you noticed it?

Matzek: When I run around, I can tell there’s a difference. I don’t think it affects the ball as much as people think it does. Guys hit home runs here just as well as they do anywhere else. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

Henry: What did you learn in Tulsa that has helped you here?

Matzek: I learned a lot about how to pitch. When you face a team so many times you do in the Texas League, you start learning how to get a guy out multiple ways. You learn from experience and it helps you improve as a pitcher.

Henry: What kind of goals do you have for yourself for the rest of the season?

Matzek: I am taking things one game at a time. If you start looking any further ahead than that, you get unfocused and that’s when bad things can happen.

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