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What trends to expect in 2014

We are looking forward to the year ahead to see what the cocktails trends of 2014 will be -we take a look at what trends experts believe will dominate the bar and social scene this year.

2014 cocktail trends
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Experts have said that 2014 will be a year for creativity and innovation.

For 2014, industry experts are predicting increased use of house spirits, interactive cocktail-making, and food-flavored drinks, among others.

The Irish Whiskey category is the fastest growing sector in the industry, even with a host of new brands on the market- most drinkers will choose Jameson Original Irish Whiskey, and other standby brands. 2013 was a big year for Irish Whiskey, and 2014 will continue the climb of growth for the category.

A favorite of the younger crowd is Tequila, but good quality aged Tequila. Tequila as a spirit is rarely used in all its beauty. There are amazing flavors waiting to be discovered. Good Tequilas have to be sipped in the same way as good whisky or Cognac. Forget the late nights of shooting cheap Tequila and waking up with a hangover. Explore some higher-end brands and make a new discovery.

For all of the trends which have taken off over the last few years with flavored vodkas, and food flavored liqueurs, consumers are rediscovering the classics, but with a more modernized approach to them; bartenders will need to step up their game with new techniques and methods to make these classics appeal to their clientele.
Guests today are more demanding about what they drink and are also more educated, which levels the playing field. Cocktails need to be more interactive, and appeal to not only taste, but the other senses as well; it should be a complete experience.

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