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What trend was grabbing our attention this year at Vegas Market?

One of the lovely things about living in Utah is that it isn’t too far from Las Vegas, Nevada. While it is still a bit of a drive, it is totally worth it when it is time for Market. This year we decided that instead of a mad dash to the airport we would hit the road and spend several days really exploring many of the showrooms so we could meet more vendors and get in tune with all the new products and trends.

April Elizabeth, Salt Lake Interior Design Examiner
From A & B Home. More evidence that blue and white patterned porcelain is trending.
April Elizabeth, Salt Lake Interior Design Examiner

You can’t go to Market without the topic of trends coming up. Sure there are the predicted trends by companies such as Sherwin Williams and Pantone, but then there are other repetitive trends you see over and over when walking through Market. We lovingly refer to them as “Market Trends.”

Admittedly last year’s Market Trend report was a little different...with many surprises including strange taxidermy as a repetitive theme. You can get that report here.

So when Bill Indursky, founder of covered what was trending in his own very spot on presentation for the Design Camp Designers…no one was surprised when he said "blue is important."

Blue was more than important -- it was nearly everywhere….from Navy, cobalt, to turquoise and every tone in-between.

Where it appeared the most was in porcelain ginger jars, delftware, with upholstery, art and textiles also getting in on the vibe.

The Delftware blue trend has been picking up fast. It has been touching fashion in a very big way and has been shown in various revised versions, even taking it away somewhat from its traditional roots. We of course have a whole pinterest board dedicated to the trend.

Blue can often been perceived by some as a boring/ bland color…that is unless you are looking to create a relaxing environment. Our psychological belief is that it always lends itself well to that. You may have also heard if you eat off of a blue plate you won’t over eat.

What we loved at market was the way blue was pared with other colors -- reds, greens and even purple. Magnificent striking combinations of color really energize a space but lush blue kept it all grounded.

Now although we still love the traditional blue and white in a monochromatic space...delft blue can be dressed up, or dressed down depending on the application and the colors it is paired with. It is very versatile and we loved the creative concepts being presented at Market.

We have a few photos in the slideshow above with a little taste of the blues we ran into at market . We hope you enjoy!

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