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What to wear for the 4th of July

capris from Patagonia
capris from Patagonia

The 4th of July is only a few days away. What will you be doing to celebrate? More importantly, what will you be wearing? The nice thing about Boston in the summer is that there are a bunch of getaway options in and around the city to enjoy the warm weather and nature while we can! If you have your plans for the weekend together, but aren’t sure what to pack, here are some suggestions depending on what you’re doing:

You’re going camping in New Hampshire

Patagonia is a great company for outdoor goods. They meld style with function and have clothes that are quick-dry and offer protection from the sun. Plus you can shop for clothes by activity – hiking, fishing, etc. Just don’t forget the bug spray and sunscreen!

You’re going to watch the fireworks along the Charles

Since you will need to claim your spot along the water early, you will want to wear something comfortable, but you’re also going to want to look good since you will be in the heart of the city! A place like Ann Taylor or H&M might be your best bet for finding a cute tank and accessorizing with stacked bracelets and sandals.

You’re going to the Cape

Believe it or not, Target has some cute, affordable options for swimsuits and cover-ups from brands like Converse and Mossimo. One thing to remember when you buy two piece bathing suits is to feel free to mix and match. One day you can wear the black bottoms with the patterned top and the next day you can wear the patterned top with pink bottoms.

Whatever it is you do and wear this weekend – have fun and happy 4th!

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