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What to watch in Nashville: Weekend Edition May 29 and 30


AMC's Breaking Bad (AMC)


What to watch in Nashville: Weekend Edition May 29 and 30

Saturday, May 29

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
6:30 p.m. ABC Family
The Dark Wizard Voldemort returns, and things turn nasty in a hurry in this 2005 installment of the Harry Potter franchise. Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) is suspiciously selected to participate in a series of challenges designed to find the greatest student wizard. His competition is older and more advanced, and it doesn’t help anything that Ron (Rupert Grint) believes Harry deliberately entered the tournament without telling him. Emma Watson, Ralph Fiennes, and everyone’s favorite Twilight vampire, Robert Pattinson, co-star.

7 p.m. CBS (Local WTVF Channel 5)
A summer series probably not long for the world, this drama series centers on a super elite team of police officers who handle the most delicate and extreme cases, from bombings and gang warfare to hostage situations and would be suicides. In this episode, titled “Scorpio,” the officers deal with a man who has taken a woman hostage outside an office building. Enrico Colantoni and Hugh Dillon star.

The Special Relationship
8 p.m. HBO
Writer Peter Morgan and actor Michael Sheen finish up a trilogy started by the TV movie The Deal and continued in the theatrical hit The Queen. This new fact-based drama chronicles how British Prime Minister Tony Blair (Sheen) begins a deep friendship with American President Bill Clinton (Dennis Quaid). Hope Davis and Helen McCrory co-star as the world leaders’ wives.

Sunday, May 30

National Memorial Day Concert (2010)
7 p.m. PBS (Local WNPT Channel 8)
Joe Mantegna and Gary Sinise co-host the annual concert honoring the men and women of America’s military. This special, broadcast from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., features a guest list that includes Colin Powell, Lionel Richie, Brad Paisley, Dennis Haysbert, and Yolanda Adams. Jack Everly conducts the National Symphony Orchestra.

Saturday Night Live in the 2000s: Time and Again
8 p.m. NBC (Local WSMV Channel 4)
Political humor figures heavily into this special originally broadcast this past April, since politics did give the long-running sketch comedy some of its best material over the past decade. Tina Fey’s impersonation of Sarah Palin is here, along with material from the three presidential elections from the past ten years. Series creator Lorne Michaels and several cast members also discuss the one event of the decade which could never be ridiculed: 9/11.

Breaking Bad
9 p.m. AMC
As Skyler (Anna Gunn) increases her involvement in Walt’s (Bryan Cranston) business, he begins to become increasingly concerned; Hank’s (Dean Norris) recovery is plagued by setbacks, and Jesse (Aaron Paul) makes a surprising discovery as he gets more involved in his new enterprise. Betsy Brandt also stars in the new episode “Abiquiu.”



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