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What to watch in Nashville: August 26 and 27

Burn Notice's Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) in the mid-season finale, "Guilty as Charged"
Burn Notice's Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) in the mid-season finale, "Guilty as Charged"

Thursday, August 26

Burn Notice
8 p.m. USA
In this mid-season finale (it returns in November), titled “Guilty as Charged,” Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) finds herself playing peacemaker for much of the episode, trying to push Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) and Jesse (Coby Bell) to get together and talk about their feelings. When Jesse threatens to put a bullet in Michael’s head, it makes her job that much more complicated. Meanwhile, Michael helps a criminal defense attorney when the man’s daughter is kidnapped by one of his own clients.

The Universe
8 p.m. The History Channel
While space probes have been able to find such amazing things as water on other planets or the building blocks of life in the tail of a comet, Might they one day find a planet similar to Earth or extraterrestrial life in space? That’s just one of many questions being probed (pun intended and regretted immediately) in this new episode, “Secrets of the Space Probes.”

NightlinePrime: Secrets of the Mind
9 p.m. ABC (Local WKRN Channel 2)
This new episode goes inside the mind of the psychopath, examining the origins of evil or violent behavior, specifically looking at whether some humans are born with or without a predisposition to do bad things. The episode also includes visits with two serial killers on death row, and it features an interview with Michael Benoit, the father of deceased wrestler Chris Benoit, who murdered his wife and son before killing himself.

Friday, August 27

NFL Preseason Football
7 p.m. CBS (Local WTVF Channel 5)
Two AFC and NFC powers meet tonight when the San Diego Chargers travel to New Orleans to take on the Saints in a preseason match-up. The Chargers, last years AFC West champions, are looking to continue their winning ways without perennial Pro-Bowler LaDainian Tomlinson, who bolted to the Jets in the off-season, and the Saints must find a way to deal with the higher expectations after winning their first Super Bowl last season.

8 p.m. SyFy
When the titular town is attacked by mysterious forces, the residents find their lives shaken up both figuratively and literally. Meanwhile, Carter (Colin Ferguson) and his companions find themselves haunted by figures and images from their pasts. Joe Morton and James Callis also star in the new episode “The Ex-Files.”

Blood Dolphins
10 p.m. Animal Planet
This three-part miniseries profiles Richard “Ric” O’Barry, a noted dolphin activist and member of the Marine Mammal Team of Earth Island Institute (say that five times fast), with the show spotlighting his campaign to detail the plight of dolphins worldwide. In the opener, Ric and his son, Lincoln, a filmmaker, try to use the power of international outrage to stop dolphin hunting, only to find the results disappointing.



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