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What to pack for your child for a holiday vacation

Graco Pack and Play Tango in the Tongo
Graco Pack and Play Tango in the Tongo
Pack and play

'Tis the season for merriment, love and thankfulness. If you're a parent of a baby or toddler and are planning a holiday get away, merriment is long gone and stress and panic are probably on your mind. The holidays can be overwhelming with hosting family, decorating, baking and travel plans. If a get away to the grandparents house or even a vaction to Hawaii is something you have planned, then don't forget to pack the neccesarry baby and toddler gear.

One important baby gear item to never leave home without, is the diaper bag .Do not be fooled into thinking that if you pack just the bare neccessites in a suitcase, you can forgo a diaper bag. Accidents, hunger and boredom happen all too frequently with babies and toddlers. If lugging a ginourmous diaper bag while chasing after your toddler seems a little crazy, then consider buying the Skip Hop Diaper Changing kit . This travel kit is perfect for quick diaper changes because it features a baby wipe case, a compartment to hold up to four diapers and is extra wide for on the move babies. The changing kit is perfect for any size diaper bag or you can strap it to your wrist or clip it to your stroller.

If you will be traveling to a semi local vacation spot, then remembering the play yard is a wise idea. Most play yards are portable and provide a play and sleep area for your child. Some travel play yards
feature a bassinett and changing station for your little one. In using a play yard, please make sure it's safe and secure and as always never leave a child unattended. If you are staying at a hotel, remember to request a play yard or crib for your child. Most hotels do offer baby gear items but don't forget to pack the sheets, as hotels are not required to have these for guests.

With long amounts of walking around a crowded airport, do not forget the stroller. If your child is not mobile, then packing the stroller is a given. But, if your toddler loves to run and jump around, it's still a good idea to bring the stroller to allow them to rest and nap. If your stroller is heavy and not easy to fold down, then purchasing a light weight, easy to assemble stroller would be ideal. The Maclauren Quest Sport stroller is portable and the weight restrictions are up to 55lbs. No matter how stressful packing and traveling may be during the holiday season, remembering the true essence of the holidays mattes most.