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What to look for in a new running partner

Running can be bliss with the right running partner.
Running can be bliss with the right running partner.
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As the seasons change, injuries occur or people move away sometimes we have to get new running partners. No one, especially runners, likes to change their routine and especially change running partners. Should you need to change your running partner here are a few things to keep in mind.

When looking for another running partner ensuring that their pace is similar to yours is very important. No two runners will have the exact pace every time they go for a run but finding someone who shares your pace the majority of the time is definitely worth looking for.

Talk with potential partners about their goals. If your goal is to become a faster runner or a stronger hill runner and your potential partner is okay with their current pace and they hate hills it might not be a good match. By matching up your goals with your partner’s you both are more likely to achieve them.

Discuss what time your partner likes to go running. Some people are morning runners, others prefer the evening. Make sure that you discuss that with your running partner before you tie up your laces and head outside. Runners get used to their routine and if you can find a partner that works well for your routine and vice versa.

Talk with your potential running partner about their talking habits while they run. Some runners don’t like to talk but don’t mind if others do. Or perhaps you feel that silence from both runners is golden. It is important to find out about their habits before you hit the road with them and end up feeling that you were better off alone.

Most importantly make sure it is someone that you can have fun running with. Some runners might be too serious for what you want to do. Others might not be serious enough but if you or your partner can’t have a good time together then running becomes a chore and no one wants that.