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What to get for Father's Day 2014

What better than a gift basket for dad's special day?
What better than a gift basket for dad's special day?

World travelers know that no matter where you go across the globe, it's hard to find a sure thing when it comes to Father's Day. Many Dads say they don't want you to break the bank or make a big deal over their big day. But they also ask that you please don't give then another tie or key chain.

Father's Day idea 2014

So what do you get for Dad? Well, let's face it, have you ever met a Dad who didn't like munchies to eat while watching TV, going to a game, or even attending a graduation? I thought not.

So I found a site that has munchies for Dads covered. It's

And here are some standouts I found that fit many a world traveler's budget:

The Father's Day Golf Gift Basket at $59.99 is affordable and even comes with a cooler in the shape of a golf bag. It's filled with Dad's favorite game essentials, including wooden tees, specially designed golf balls, and delicious treats to keep him going on the green.

Another big hit, for just $49.99, is the Father's Day Cake Pop Sampler.

And if the Dad in your life loves to fish, there's the Father's Day "Caught The Big One" Fisherman Basket for $59.99. Inside a decorative fishing creel, there's a selection of handcrafted popcorn, golden gourmet pretzels, and premium dried fruits designed to give Dad energy throughout a long day of angling.

This could make a big splash with the right father.

Many other gifts include: the Backyard BBQ Popcorn Sampler (with nine flavors from a backyard BBQ), the Celebrity Chef Grilling Basket and dozens of other selections.

Place your orders for Dad's Day soon, though, as it's next Sunday.

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