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What to feed vegan barbecue guests

Vegan burgers are quite tasty.
Vegan burgers are quite tasty.
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A vegan is coming to the barbecue! I don't know how to grill vegan food! What does a vegan eat at a barbecue? Relax! Vegans eat people food, without the meat, seafood and dairy. A vegan is not an alien being. Here's some tips for serving vegetarian barbecue food.


Here's a vegan food you were making for the barbecue anyway. Load the salad with veggies. Add walnuts and dried cranberries. Skip the meat and seafood. Provide vinegar and olive oil dressing. Omit the cheese and hard boiled eggs. Artificial bacon bits replace the real thing. Most are made with soy protein. Check the label to make sure. Some brands do contain meat.

Vegan hamburger and hot dogs

These are found with the frozen food at the supermarket. Portabella mushrooms make good "burgers" too. Vegetable shish-ka-bobs are wonderful grill food. Keep these all away from the non-vegan food on the grill please. Meat grease all over a perfectly good vegan burger is not OK. Some vegans prefer not to have soy burgers and dogs. Ask prior to the barbecue.

Corn on the cob

Corn is a barbecue food for vegans and everyone else. Microwave corn 5 minutes, peel back the husk, remove the silk, slather it with olive oil and spices. Put back the husks. Slap it on the grill. You can also put a bit of barbecue sauce on the corn before you grill. Don't use the same brush used on the meat please. Experiment with different spices here. Vegans appreciate variety on the barbecue grill, just like everyone else.

Barbecue Beans

A vegan diet contains beans for protein. Try buying canned vegetarian beans to start. Throw in some chopped onions and green bell peppers. Add salt, pepper and a bit of barbecue sauce. Cook it slow and low. Some brands of beans contain pork. Don't be sneaky. Vegans get severe stomach aches when eating non vegan products. Their systems are not used to it.


Potatoes are vegan, of course. Jazz up potatoes for vegans and other guests. Bake whole potatoes until soft. Slice,then wrap in foil with onions, a garlic clove, olive oil, salt and pepper. Toss them on the grill. Cook until tender.

Chips and dips

The best bet here is tortilla chips and guacamole. There is nothing in most guacamole or tortilla chips that isn't vegan. Few people dislike guacamole. This barbecue food is a hit with most guests.


A vegan is often willing to contribute side dishes to the barbecue. Some vegans prefer to bring their own food or prepare it. Knowing what's in the food helps. I bring olive oil with me. It's expensive. I bring several side dishes and own serving spoons too. It cuts down on cross usage.

This article was previously published by this author on Yahoo! It has been updated and revised for Examiner.

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