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What to expect from the ‘Resurrection’ complete first season DVD set

What to expect from the ‘Resurrection’ complete first season DVD set
What to expect from the ‘Resurrection’ complete first season DVD set
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Resurrection” was a late season start and had a short first season on top of it but that didn’t keep it from becoming a huge favorite. The show has been renewed for a second season but with the premiere still months away, fans and those who missed it the first time around can now watch and relive those exciting moments as many of Arcadia Missouri’s dead return. K-Site TV shared a review of the DVD set on June 17.

There may only be 8 episodes but they sure do pack in a lot of drama centered on family relationships, narrow minds versus open ones and small town versus big government dynamics. Even if you watched all the episodes, it’s likely you missed important details.

With only 8 episodes, it won’t take late-to-the-show viewers long to catch up on the goings on in Arcadia. That’s a good thing because a lot happened, all wrapped up with some superb acting from stars like Omar Epps (House, M.D.), Kurtwood Smith (That 70s Show) and Frances Fisher (Unforgiven, Titanic) to name a few.

As one might expect, not all the family reunions are happy ones. The living have already dealt with the loss of the loved one and then – Bam! The deceased are back with no explanation or memory of what has transpired in the intervening years. While some reunions are touching and sweet, others carry negative, even violent overtones.

After getting through the episodes, viewers will want to check out the extras on the “Resurrection: The Complete First Season” DVD. Most first season shows don’t have much to offer in the way of extras and with a scant 8 episodes to glean material from, “Resurrection” is no different. There is a blooper reel and some deleted scenes. Also included are a couple of featurettes that don’t add any real insight but are still fun to watch.

The show faced falling ratings toward the end of the season but it faced stiff competition on Sunday nights from some pretty big shows on other networks. It still managed a sizable draw for its cliffhanger finale and the 2 disc set is a good way for existing fans to refresh their memories and for new fans to catch up before the season2 fall premiere of “Resurrection” on ABC.