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What to expect from the new addition to my gaming household?

Many of us gamers that are trying to find a balance between being a absolute hardcore gamer and a family man already know what I am going through. In the next couple of weeks my life as a gamer, more importantly as a man are going to change forever. That is because sometime within the next few weeks my fiancé is going to give birth to our first child. An experience that I have never been more excited for, but for some reason I have a feeling as if I am going to have to change everything about myself.

I find myself asking a million questions, things like am I still going to be able to hangout, play games, buy games, or is this going to put an end to my gaming for awhile? The problem is that I have no one to turn to get an answer for these questions. I know that this is going to be a short article, but really all I am looking for is some advice from other gamers, that may have, had, or are expecting children. The information can be general knowledge, tips, tricks, or just plain old good lucks. I am very interested in seeing what types of things I, as well as, any other gamer in my position should be expecting.

Feel free to comment on certain situations that you or someone you know has been faced with. Thank you for taking the time to help a fellow gamer out in this crossroad of life.

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