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What to expect from breast implant removal

What seemed like a good idea at the time may change over the years.

While most women who have breast augmentation surgery are happy with the results, there are some patients, who may want the implants removed either years or even months after the surgery.

Having implants removed after breast augmentation surgery, of course is a personal decision. Some of the reasons could be that she has gained weight, the implants have become uncomfortable or she just does not want them any longer.

Whatever the reason, even years after the augmentation, she should consult a board certified plastic so the removal will be done correctly.

The most frequently asked question before the implant removal surgery is how they will look following the procedure. For example, will there be excess skin?

That depends on the size of the implant and how much breast tissue a woman has. The larger the implant, the more likely there will be sagging skin after the skin has been stretched.

Other issues which can affect the removal of the implants are childbirth or if a woman has gained or lost a significant amount of weight.

Before the surgery, a woman may want to consult with a San Diego plastic surgeon and determine if a breast lift will be needed to remove excess skin after the implants are explanted.

For example, a woman who had breast augmentation surgery changing her from a C to a D cup a few months ago might not need a breast lift to remove the excess skin.

On the other hand if a woman had breast augmentation surgery a decade ago, had children, breast fed them and had her weight fluctuate over the years, a breast lift might be needed.

Most surgeons have patient photographs of "before and after" implant removals, so it’s advised to see this gallery. It offers women a better understanding of what to expect, visually.

Of course, always consult with a board certified surgeon when considering any cosmetic procedure. A prospective patient should meet and discuss the procedure and she should feel comfortable with the doctor she chooses.

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