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What to expect after a nose surgery

The official name of a nose surgery, a most sought after cosmetic procedure, is called a rhinoplasty. This plastic surgery can totally reshape the nose by reducing the width, length from the top of nostrils to the nasal tip.

Still, a nose job , commonly referred to by many, is indeed surgery and candidates for the procedure should discuss with their surgeon what to expect afterwards.

His or her surgeon will explain that everyone recovers at a different rate, but in addition, here are a few guidelines about what to expect.

After the outpatient procedure, a patient typically goes home the same day. Before being sent home, the patient’s doctor will have probably prescribed some medication to relieve any headache or discomfort in the nose after the surgery. This will allow the patient to rest and recuperate.

It is usually recommended the patient elevate their head the first 24 hours after the procedure. Cold compresses can be applied to help relieve the swelling and bruising.

Bruising is usually limited to the area under the lower eyelids. This bruising is usually gone in about two or three weeks. Wearing makeup can help make the patient feel less conspicuous when going out in public.

Swelling can take a bit longer. Most of it will be gone in about three weeks, but it may take a full year for all of the swelling to disappear.

Most people will want to get back into their daily swing soon after the surgery, but surgeons want them to take off a week or more. If they can work from home when they begin feeling better, that can be done.

Returning to regular exercise may take about two months, but the patient should ask their doctor about their own case.

Eyewear is another concern after a nose job. Those who wear corrective lenses should speak with their doctor after the surgery because the bones in the nose are delicate and take weeks to heal.

Their San Diego plastic surgeon can discuss with them how to wear their glasses and when they can start wearing them intermittently.

About 10 days after surgery, one can expect another appointment with their surgeon to remove their splint and any sutures.

If a person follows their doctor’s orders and takes their recovery step by step, they will find their new nose is well worth it.

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