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What to drink while watching Sunday's World Cup Matches

With the World Cup excitement to still high there is one dilemma, what to drink while watching. Of course you should drink according to which team you are cheering for. Each country has its unique liquor, beers and some produce wine. The choice is yours, try to find out something from the country, if you look hard enough you should be able to find it.
For Mexico vs. Netherlands, rooters for Mexico have some great options, cold beer, tequila for shots or summery margaritas or even wine from Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. The Dutch fans also have nice beverage options. Beer is a traditional choice; just remember Heineken is brewed there. Jenever, known in English as Dutch Gin also a Dutch favorite, they usually drink it well chilled.
Costa Rica vs. Greece. Rum is the alcohol of choice; mix some up with fresh tropical fruits for sipping during the match. Beer is also popular, so pick a 6-pack of your favorite Pilsner. The wines of Greece are finally becoming more popular, the names are hard to pronounce but their quality has improved greatly. Looking for something a little stronger? Ouzo, the anise flavored liquor of Greece is a nice option poured over ice. Watch the the Ouzo turns milk white as it hits the cold ice.
These are hard choices to make but don’t mix and match; the game might end up a tie. Good luck to your favorite team. Check back every day to help you what to drink.

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