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What to drink this Thanksgiving

Pair your turkey with the right beverages to maintain health and wellness.
Pair your turkey with the right beverages to maintain health and wellness.
Denver Beer Examiner

Enjoy local beverages this Thanksgiving to enhance your party. Remember drinks other than water and tea typically count as carbohydrates, something to take into account for your diabetes management or weight loss plan. If your family is known to throw a big party, review these tips to avoid a hangover.

Beverage Ideas:

Avoid sugary cocktails that deliver a quick punch of alcohol and sugar to your system. The combination leads to blood sugar imbalances, which can cause mood swings, excessive hunger, and a loss of inhibitions. Both of which can be detrimental to a holiday celebration with family!

Instead, reach for a local beer or wine paired with food. Savor the drink slowly. The American Diabetes Association recommends one drink for woman and two for men per day  to maintain a healthy blood sugar. If you plan on drinking more, take time between drinks to rehydrate with water.

For non-alcoholic drinks, pick up some of Big B's seasonal unpasteurized apple cider. Pasteurization destroys many of the beneficial vitamins and nutrients in juices. Gently reheating this apple cider on a stove top will preserve the flavor and nutritional value. Big B's is available at Vitamin Cottage on 15th and Platte. Savory Spice Shop across the street offers mulling spices to add more holiday flavors to the drink.

After dinner, sip Celestial Seasoning's sweet after dinner teas like English Toffee Dessert Tea. This tea is a perfect compliment to your Thanksgiving dessert and will help you eat the correct portion size.

If you experience any digestive discomfort try sipping teas from Celestial Seasoning's wellness line like tummy soothing teas like Tummy Mint and sweet but not sugary Honey Peach Ginger.