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What to drink during the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is here. Menus are planned for house parties, but what to drink with these foods, wine or beer? There is no need to threat; a well-planned menu can go with both. Do try to pick some foods that match so you don’t need 10 types of wine or beer to plan with your menu. In south Florida outdoor grilled meat feasts are a popular option. If rainy or cooler weather calls for an indoor feast that works just as well.
As the game gets going finger foods are easiest to watch the action with. Chicken fingers are always a staple for any football game. Spicy wings take some thought into pairing. For beer I would choose American pale ale. With slight hoppiness and some citrus notes, pale ales will help keep the palate cool. IPA with their high hop content will clash with the wing spices. Wine can be a little trickier. An off dry Riesling or Gewürztraminer would be my fist wine picks. Slight sweetness helps take the edge of the heat. If you must do red, a Zinfandel with moderate alcohol levels can work. In the end I would probably pick a beer though.
Nachos are also an easy picking food, loaded with chili, jalapenos, sour cream, guacamole and pico de gallo is also tricky with wine. Here I would stick to an all American Zinfandel. Beers can be more flexible, here an IPA can fill in, or a mild wheat beer if they are spicy. I have also enjoyed stouts with loaded nachos.
Half time is time for the real food. Since football is such a macho sport, meat is always a staple. When the steaks, pork chops and sausages come off the grill big red wines are in order. California Cabernet Sauvignon is an easy choice. A big Syrah or Petit Syrah are also great choices and makes eating those grilled meats more interesting. If barbequed meats are coming off your grill stick to a Zinfandel or Petit Syrah. Pairing beer and meats can be fun, brown ales, porters, stouts and even smoked beers are all great options, especially with American craft brewers experimenting with different styles. For BBQ and beer there are plenty of options as well, smoked porters, stouts and if the bbq is a little sweet, a slightly sweet stout would also work. If the barbeque is spicy, try ale with some chili’s added.
It there is room for dessert by the end of the game; opt for a nice tawny port or even some Madera. Sweeter double stouts or seasonal sweet winter ales also work.
Whatever is on the menu, this year’s Super Bowl is sure to be a great game. So cook up a storm and stock up on great beer and wine.

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