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What to drink day two of the World Cup Semi Finals

The World Cup is in the semi finals. The round is with the 16 teams that passed from round one. All of these games are do or die. Win and you make it to the quarterfinals, lose and you fly home. So what to drink on day two of the quarterfinals? Let’s see whose playing

Game one, France vs. Nigeria. Nigeria is not so big on alcoholic beverages, heavily populated by Muslims who do not drink. There are native drinks made from different fruits and grains that are produced. They also brew a stout, very popular among the beer drinkers, it would be hard to find these beverages here in the States. If you are cheering for Nigeria, Guinness Export Stout is a good choice to drink while watching the game. France on the other hand gives plenty of options for it fans. Red, White, Pink and bubbly wine from all corners of their borders to please any palate. Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Rhone, etc. the regions for some of the worlds best wine regions. Brandy, Cognac, Armagnac, Pernod, plenty of liquors to sip on. Even Grey Goose vodka is distilled in France. For the beer drinkers saisons and farmhouse ales from the north of France.
Game two pits Germans vs. Algeria. Algeria like Nigeria is a mostly Muslim nation. Wine is produced in this North African nation, but heavy taxation means not much is consumed in or beyond its borders. Germany on the other hand is legendary for it’s libations. With just about every town brewing its own style of beer. Cherry brandies, herbal concoctions and other specialties to sip on while watching the match. Delicious wines both sweet and dry to watch the game, German fans have as many imbibing options as the French fans.
Whoever is you team, enjoy the game.

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