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What to do with winter madness

When man has reached his limits on snow.
When man has reached his limits on snow.

Here we are, but again, in the doldrums of winter where snow and ice are as common to the Midwest as empty pizza boxes to a college dorm room. Unfortunately, not as satisfying, especially for your youngster who has done the sledding, made the snow angels and helped you shovel the driveway one too many times. And, just like you, they’re tired of sub-zero temps, with the chapped cheeks that accompany.

Your little one wants to work off some toddler-trapped energy that’s been building since Halloween and you’re all about getting out of the playroom, too. (There’s only so many times one can stack the colored cups ten-high for instant demolition.)

The dad by his nature is a doer, too. So it’s only natural to want to escape the winter madness, while bonding with the little one. Unfortunately options are limited in a sometimes weather chaotic city. However, there are a few places that may offer some much needed relief.

Community centers and health clubs often offer sheltered havens from the cold with heated pools for the snow-snarled son or daughter. Overland Park’s Matt Ross Community Center, with its temperature controlled water park, slides for both big and small, and lazy river, offers family fun and affordability in several membership packages, including a three-month family membership to take your crew right up to (hopefully) warmer temperatures.

The Matt Ross also offers a play gym, available to nonmembers, inside their facility where young ones can get energy out safely.

Look around your communities to see what facilities are available to your household and its inhabitants. Your kids will enjoy the relief and healthy energy burning activities almost as much as you!

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