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What to do when you snag your tights

Kate Spade's Tonal Argyle Tight
Kate Spade's Tonal Argyle Tight
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"Aw honey! I've got a run in my pantyhose. Oops! I'm not wearing pantyhose." Pretty Woman

You left the house feeling fab.  Cute new skirt, favorite boots, go-to shirt.  Even your hair was cooperating.  You were looking forward to a day of compliments and lingering stares...

That is, until you snagged your tights; now there's a run from your knee to your shin. The only up and down you'll be getting is while people gawk at the length of that snag.

If you can't get yourself to Target on your break, you need a quick fix...

  1. Turn your tights around.  Snags typically occur around the knee and you'll be able to hide them in your knee pit.  As long as your tights don't have form-fitting heels, you'll be able to conceal it for the afternoon.
  2. Dab it with nailpolish.  Use clear - although the snag will be visible, it won't grow to be any larger. 
  3. If you can't find clear nailpolish anywhere in the office, try rubbing barsoap on it. It will dry it out and prevent it from growing anymore.
  4. And if all else fails, take the tights off.. You know you've got the legs for it.