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Do you know what steps to take when you have lost a pet?

Any cat can get lost, do you know how to find your lost pet?
Any cat can get lost, do you know how to find your lost pet?
Photo by Jason Bahr

It is true many of us think of our pets as family. They be furry little things, but to us they are the other children. When a pet is lost unexpectedly, we are devastated and we grieve for them. Be for you give up on them, here are some things you can do. I recently had this experience myself when one of my cats went on a 'walk about.'

Today, most of us have Face book accounts and although many of our posters are not from our area, they all have many more friends that could be living near where our pet was lost. One of the first things to try is to put a description and photo on your time line and ask everyone to share. This gets the information out quickly. Do this as soon as you realize your pet is gone since you can always put a happy post on when they are found.

It is helpful to post descriptions and photos of your lost pet online with the Humane Society. In Colorado Springs, there is a whole page devoted to found pets that ended up there and it is pretty current as they update every hour or so. You can also go visit that page often to check if you see you pet in the photos. The website for this location is

There is another great place to try called Colorado Springs Lost Pets. You need to post all information to help them match any reports of found or spotted pets with your info and photo. You can go to this website as well as follow their page on Face book for the latest news. When making out these reports, be very accurate about markings, colors and any collar or tags they are wearing.

Of course you can scour the neighborhood and post signs on light poles, but this seems to be the least beneficial way to find any pet. Beware of those claiming to have your pet and working at getting a reward more than reuniting the two of you.

One of the last ways you can check to see if something happened to your pet is to check with the road crews. Unfortunately, if a pet is killed, it is their job to pick them up for disposal. This is a sad thing to do, especially if they have knowledge of your pet,but not knowing where they are is worse.

It is helpful to have your pets licensed with indication of important shots and wearing collars. They should also have been tattooed or chipped for easy identification.

To avoid losing them, if they are inside animals, be especially careful when opening doors particularly if guests are at your home. They may not be so cautious. Watch your pets when in an area by themselves, even a fenced in yard to be certain no-one is trying to steal them. There are many unscrupulous people who steal them to sell, collect rewards, feed to other animals like snakes or to use as bait dogs in dog fights. Protect your animals as though they are your children.

The last advice I would give is to never give up hope. I was sure my cat was gone, but she showed up after 18 days. I have talked to others who had a pet return after years so you never should close the book on that lost one. I hope you never need to go through this pain of a missing pet but, work diligently at finding them and you will increase the odds.

Don't forget to report lost pet once found so listings can be removed.

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