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What to do when you have Bunions

What are bunions?

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Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

A bunion is inflammation around the joint of the great or big toe usually but also can form on the pinky or little toe, causing swelling and joint displacement of the toe.

Causes of bunions could be:

Genetic or more likely due to wearing ill fitting shoes that are too tight.

Bunion Prevention

Signs and symptoms of bunions:

Redness at the affected joint
Soreness on and around toe
Swelling around the toe joint
Lump or bump on toe joint
Pain on toe and foot

Treatment of bunions:

Bunions can be treated by using bunion pads, cushions, splints or toe spreaders, and surgery.

See your primary care physician, podiatrist or an orthopedic specialist for treatment of bunions.

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