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What to do this Valentine’s Day?

Romantic dinner on Valentine's Day
Romantic dinner on Valentine's Day

Tradition says dinner accompanied by flowers, candy and a card are the right and safe way to go. Every year millions of articles tell us about the new restaurants, perfect gifts and creative ideas to make this Valentine Day count. This year, I am asking you to think for one minute what you and your loved one have been dying to do for a long time. Do not buy into the social pressure of a nice meal, an expensive piece of jewelry or an exotic getaway unless that’s what you really want.

I don’t know about you, but I have an extensive list of activities, ideas and plans scheduled for this 2014 and Valentine’s Day seems like the perfect occasion to make one of those come true.

There are concerts, classes, events and more on my list. Most of them include my partner, so why don’t you sit down with him and compare notes? (He or she has ideas too you know?)There might be a fun plan hidden in there; one that might end up being very romantic.

It doesn’t have to be a plan per se. It might be something you’ve wanted to buy forever. Maybe you both want a new car with working AC, maybe you finally decided this year you will go skydiving together, maybe you want to get your own Karaoke system to host parties at home; who knows?

This year, have an honest conversation with your beau and decide together. Don’t leave him or her with all the work. Use your time and money wisely. That does not mean that you can’t give them a card and a chocolate if you feel like it. Do what feels right and enjoy the day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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