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What To Do To Have More of The Good Stuff

Energy Goes
Energy Goes

Where attention goes love flows...

Is anyone in love with their love handles?

Is anyone in love with their current financial turmoil?

Is anyone in love with arch nemesis?

Is anyone in love with their miserable life or job?

It seems that everyone would answer the question the way, with an emphatic NO!. Then why is it that so many people constantly think about those things, talk about those things, and get to emotional about them if they don't love them, right?

Where attention goes energy flows...

There it's said. Many people spend a great deal of time focusing on , talking about, thinking about, and feeling about that which they dislike, don't want, can't stand, makes them sick makes them so mad that they forget all about all the good stuff they REALLY love, enjoy and want. Most are spending far too little time talking about, thinking about and feeling about that which they love, makes them happy, makes them feel so good. Therefore they begin to attract more of the things and circumstances that are equal to their lowered vibrations.

What you resists persists....

Yes, Yes, Yes, it is said all the time, and is relevant now. The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS at work whether it's believed in or not. This is a Universal LAW and is constant just like The LAw of Gravity. The Law of Attraction basically states that like vibrations attract like vibrations. Ultimately that means that if everyone put all or most of their energy and attention towards the things they don't want, don't like, hate, make them angry, then that is exactly what will persist in their reality. This may be hard for many to believe, but everyone has a tremendouspower within to be the creative force in their own life.

OH NO...This could be scary....

Many squawk at the idea that they can control their emotional mind in such a way that they can create the life and circumstances they desire. They find this notion to be scary, and don't want to have that kind of power. They would rather let life happen to them rather than creating their life. There are some, however, that the notion of creating their human experience brings about anawakening whereby they decide to live their lives creatively and on purpose. They are connecting to their Higher Power/Source/God really living with passion and true intention.

Be fearles, deciding to have faith in the notion that creating a love affair with life is possible. Put into practice the concept of "where attention goes energyand love flow." Placing as much attention on having the things and circumstances that are desired mostright now. The sub-conscious mind is only receptive therefore when the imagination runs wild in present tense with passions running high with thoughts of the life or circumstances that are desired, the mind can tell if it is reality or not. Imagine and visualize with the emotions of having the desired thing or circumstance now and things will change with.

Get ready to be inspired to take action in life today, turning attention deliberately towards everything joyful and good.


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